005 - Agha Bozorg

16 Pt rosette pattern on the domed ceiling of the entry portal of the Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan.
Original watercolour on 300 g/m². 42 x 56 cm

Process portfolio

“As dusk descended on the vaulted iwan in the Agha Bozorg mosque in Kashan where our geometry class was held, I abandoned my unfinished construction and wandered off to admire the symmetry of the C18 architecture, the tilework, mosaics, calligraphic bands on brightly lit minarets, porches and arcades.” (Kashan, Sept 2015)
After a few experiments contrasting dark and light bands and backgrounds, I decided on a palette of dark to light tones of blue, raw and burnt umber. The inner woven ribbons are titan buff and the outer ribbons and tiny motifs are pearly white. The layout follows Paul Marchant, whose analysis is based on research by Mahmoud Maheronaghsh.

Thursday, 30 March 2017