015 - Desert Peace

12 + 8 Pt star pattern on a panel in the museum of the Jameh Mosque of Yazd.
Original watercolour on 300 g/m². 42 x 56 cm

Process portfolio

Meandering through the winding, mud-brick maze of streets in the ancient Sassanian silk route city of Yazd, with its heat-resistant adobe structures, towering badgirs (wind-catchers), domes and minarets, it’s easy to imagine how clay-caked Marco Polo and his fellow caravanserai travellers and traders in silk and precious gems might have felt when they first caught a glimpse of the sumptuous turquoise and gold mosaics and tile panels in the 14th century Jameh Mosque of Yazd. I constructed the layout for this piece in a dappled sunlit garden in Qum, near Luxor. Analysis and layout follows Richard Henry and Paul Marchant.The palette reflects the original mosaic tile panel.

Thursday, 30 March 2017