018 - Persian Garden

10 Pt rosette pattern from the Safavid period in the Masjid-i Jameh Mosque and Madar-i Shah (Eman) Mosque in Isfahan
Original watercolour on 300 g/m². 42 x 56 cm

Process portfolio

This classical ten-fold symmetry pattern (a layout taught by Paul Marchant, Daniel Docherty and Richard Henry) is based on glazed tiles dating from the late Safavid period and can be seen a.o. in the Friday Mosque and the Royal (Eman) Mosque in Isfahan. The ‘deep sea’ palette, composed of five shades of blue and turquoise, iridescent pearl, silver, gold and white, is inspired by blue marbles from my Devonshire 'House of Marbles' collection and by the marine world of a dark queen from the ‘Sunken Cities’ exhibition at the British Museum.

Thursday, 30 March 2017