019 - Nexus

6 + 8 Pt pattern based on faience tiles in the Jameh Mosque of Yazd.
Original watercolour on 300 g/m². 42 x 56 cm

Process portfolio

The Friday Mosque in Yazd contains dazzling azure blue and turquoise faience tiles, including this six and eight-fold pattern on a semi-regular grid of interlocking hexagons, squares and equilateral triangles (credit to Paul Marchant for the analysis and layout). In Persian ‘sacred science’ the colour blue was considered to symbolize peacefulness, spirituality, reflection, stillness, faith, innocence, joy, sky and sea. Azure blue and turquoise were thought to contain mystical properties that brought blessings, averted peril and plunged onlookers to deep levels of consciousness reflecting higher realities.
There is something slightly amoeboid about the way the octagons seem to slither and slide around the page on the unpainted drawing - just my mind playing tricks, of course!

Thursday, 30 March 2017