My Approach

Geometry is a universal mathematical language. It is also a symbolic language of light, sound, colour, vibration, relationship and form. All forms arise out of stillness, and return to that same stillness, the source of all that is. Form and pattern act as tuning forks for unseen energies. Each traditional pattern starts in the same way – with a point within a circle. For me this symbolises the primary movement from unity, the unknowable point beyond form, into the infinitely expanding circle, the eternal presence that directs the unfolding of creation into the multiplicity of forms and energies in our universe. From the ever-present circle unfolds the beauty and harmony of pattern (order), ratio (proportion) and symmetry (balance) that supports and sustains the diversity of life in the cosmos and the natural world. Islamic patterns reflect universal order, harmony and beauty. Each pattern contains its own unique frequency and resonance, its own numinous quality. It is this vision of wholeness and interconnectedness, this indwelling unity, this source from which all life flows, found in all the great sacred texts and mystical traditions, that I seek to communicate in my art. Islamic art is often viewed as objective and impersonal, but for me it is a deeply personal expression of my ever-evolving approach to life.