My Background

As a child I was fascinated by the flowing lines, interlocking circles and precise geometry of Celtic patterns. My passion for Islamic geometric design began later during a visit to the Alhambra Nasrid palaces together with my husband and two young sons. The exquisite intricacy and variety of the interwoven geometric and floral designs seemed to exude the timeless, rhythmic flow of life itself. An aesthetic of unity expressed in a multiplicity of interconnected forms. Those images never left me. During the decades that followed, study, career, raising a family, travel, research and writing, left little time for art.

That situation changed in 2014, after attending my first introduction to geometry and manuscript illumination workshops at The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts ( in London. Between then and now, I have been very fortunate to join geometry and biomorph study trips to Islamic lands with Art of Islamic Pattern ( and attend a wealth of in-person and online drawing Islamic geometric designs courses and workshops.

I have also had the pleasure and privilege to learn from inspiring geometry tutors, experts and friends around the globe who share their technical knowledge, methodology expertise and analyses of Islamic geometric designs. Particular mention and sincere thanks, among others, to Alan Adams, Ameet Hindocha, Rajen Astho, Richard Henry, Adam Williamson, Tom Bree, Lisa DeLong, Jay Bonner, Abdelhalim Ghodbane and Ayman Soliman.

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