The Process

For me, drawing and painting patterns is a journey of discovery, a sacred practice of self-exploration, a mysterious inner and outer process of love and learning that culminates in an artwork.

The underlying geometric structure (the layout) is the starting point for a myriad of patterns and palettes. Each hand-crafted pattern is unique and authentic, with the potential to be visually transformed by interlacing, tessellation, the application of contrasting colours, tonal overlays, textures and decorative elements, etc.. From the moment the compass spins to create the first circle, it is an unfolding creative process, often complex, always unique, never the same, a coming together of hand and eye, head and heart, soul and spirit in a balanced wholeness.

The images selected for the Process Portfolio include any of the following stages: the underlying geometry (the layout), tracings for tessellation, the thickening, interlacing and inking of lines, palette inspiration, materials used, colour trials, experimental palettes and work-in-progress laying on of colour and shading. The first image in the Process Portfolio is the completed artwork.

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